Introducing Cambodian Mondulriki Cocoa from KamKav Farms

Kamkav Farms produced an excellent harvest in 2019 and we were lucky enough to get some of the crop from Mondulriki. We went to great efforts to bring this bean to Dark Arts and it was well worth it. My brother Justin went the whole way to Cambodia to bring us these beans directly and we worked with Chantal and his team to organize a network of taxis and tuk-tuks to pick up the beans closer to Phnom Penh. 

Mondulriki is a remote region in the north west of the country.  The cocoa is grown in rich, red volcanic soil in an agroforest mix of banana, mango, pineapple, and other tropical fruit trees to keep a balance and preserve the lifestyle of the locals.  These forestero beans even have a reddish color to them and a rich cocoa punch that satiates your palate like no other bean.

  The beans produced have an intense cocoa punch that comes out in all roasting methods. We like to over-roast the beans to bring out the depth of cocoa for its satisfying deep, dark smoothness like no other chocolate has to offer. Dark Arts is excited to bring these beans to you and we cannot wait for you to try some for yourself and see what Kamkav beans are all about. 


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