Finca Amistad Costa Rica

Costa Rica has many great cocoa regions to choose from and is becoming more popular as the word spreads. I visited years ago and tasted some fine, light caramel notes integrated in most of their beans at the time and never forgot that wonderful flavor. This time I wanted to try something similar and something new.  Just north of Tenorio National Park and its lush volcanic soils and plenty of rainforests that create some excellent cocoa crops. Here we find finca La Amistad Cocoa Lodge. This beautiful farm is Swiss owned and locally operated by an amazingly friendly staff. I found the grounds to be charming and had a great tour given by David, the cocoa bean master. He showed us around the trees amd all of their cloning transplants, the rows of endless crossed varietals, fermentation boxes, drying tables and facilities. The finca has an excellent process and products. This year we tasted a wide variety of beans and selected a fine set for the 2021/2022 season. I hope you enjoy their unique flavors as much as I do! Come by our next event and taste some samples and buy your favorite bar!!

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