Cambodian KamKav Cocoa

Kamkav cocoa farm is a relatively new venture from the Mondulkiri region in the northeast of Cambodia that is now bringing the world of chocolate an impressive Forestero cocoa while fighting regional deforestation. Their trees grow out of the regions fertile red volcanic soils among tropical banana, avocado, mango and other fruit trees creating an interesting agroforest economy for the farmers striving to preserve their environment.
A newly built highway connecting the remote region to Phnom Phen recently allowed for Kamkav to utilize the road to ship their goods and create a farm responsibly by attempting to incorporating cocoa into the mix. After a trail and error they finally pulled it off and the results are inspiring. After hearing their incredible story we thought that Kamkav Farms was a perfect fit for Dark Arts Chocolate and wanted to be one of the first to try their beans.
Last month, my brother Justin went on an adventure of a lifetime through the remote regions of Cambodia and finally connected with our friends Ly and Chantal at Kamkav to bring us one of the first successful crops out of the country.  We arranged a series of taxis and tuk tuks to deliver the beans to a cab station and have Justin tuk tuk over to get them in Pnom Phen to get them to Dark Arts here in Dallas. It was worth it because these beans make incredible luscious chocolate that has some major cocoa and cherry notes along with a nice nuttiness.  
The Cambodian Mondulkiri is a strong Forestero cocoa bean making a very tasty chocolate full of walnut and cherry notes and a hint of berry and almond. If you would like to try some of it check it out at Dark Arts and see what we are making with it today...

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